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Table Pro 350 wipe tub
350 Wipes - TPW350
Table Pro Large strong wipes refill
Refill pack - TPW350R
Table Pro Hospitality Wipes
Table Pro Wipes
Table Pro Catering and Hospitality Wipes are made from class leading biodegradable material with a unique cleaning and sanitising formula.

• Easily cleans a table of four
• No cross contamination - clean & dispose of the wipe
• No sticky residue left on the table found with so many sanitising sprays
• No over-spray onto customers or customers food and drinks
• Refill packs available to save money and packaging wastage
• Eliminates the over usage of blue paper roll and spray as each wipe has the correct amount of material and formula to get the job done
• Designed and manufactured in Britain
• Large amount of biodegradable, XL Wipes per tub
• Hand safe solution
• Citrus scented

EN 14476 - Antiviral
EN 1276 - Antibacterial
EN 14348 - Antifungal
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