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Fentex being the largest spill control supplier and manufacturer in the UK has naturally found itself moving into sectors such as janitorial, medical and lab supplies. In 2020 due to the global pandemic these industries took the spotlight and Fentex being a manufacturer and supplier increased staff and production space to be able to provide the highest level of support.
FWS roll on mahachine image
FWS Tub Stock
To keep up with the demand for the new VIRAWIPE™ range Fentex has re-named part of its production structure ‘Fentex Wiper Solutions’, and moved the team and machinery to an 11,000 sq ft manufacturing facility on the site where Fentex previously grew into the company it is today before relocating to its 42,000 sq ft premises in Warboys.
Nostalgia aside Fentex is now in a position to not only meet demand but design and produce products previously unexplored.  
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